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Returning Tigers To The Priamur: Episode 4 - Kuzya, Boris, Ilona, Ustin, And Svetlana: Their First Month Back In The Wild

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(July 22, 2014)   -     The process of immobilization and the trauma of the long trip to the Primamur (as described in Episodes 2 and 3) was really the easy part for our five young tigers just released into Amurskaya Oblast and the Jewish Autonomous Region. The real challenge for these tigers would come after release, and the questions were many. Will they acclimate to their new surroundings? Will they successfully learn to hunt in the wild? Where will they decide is “home” and how will they demark ...


Returning Tigers To The Priamur: Episode 3 - Releasing Tigers In The Jewish Autonomous Oblast

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(July 20, 2014)   -     Just as the three young tigers named Ilona, Boris, and Kuzma were realizing new-found freedom in Amurskaya Oblast, a second convoy with two more cubs was preparing to leave the Alekseevka facility in Primorskii Krai. Ustin and Svetlana, a male and female found separately as abandoned cubs in Primorskii Krai in the 2012-2013 winter, were now well prepared for their release in the Zhuravlinii (“Crane”) Wildlife Refuge in the Jewish Autonomous Oblast (JAO).  Read more ...