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WCS specialists respond to season's first conflict situation.

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(December 16, 2008)   -   Siberian Tiger Project specialists Nikolai Rybin and Ivan Seryodkin joined specialists from the Primorsky Krai Wildlife Management Department to help resolve the winter season’s first tiger-human conflict situation, involving a tigress killing dogs in a small village in western Primorye.


Scientists capture critically-endangered Far Eastern leopard.

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(October 20, 2008)   -   On Saturday, October 18, scientists working in southwestern Primorsky Krai, Russia under a joint project of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and the Institute of Biology and Soils (IBS), Russian Academy of Sciences Far Eastern Branch captured an adult female Far Eastern (Amur) leopard. The Far Eastern leopard, Panthera pardus orientalis, is perhaps the world’s most endangered big cat, with an estimated 25-40 individuals inhabiting a narrow strip of land along the Russian-Chinese border in...


Tiger Day celebrations held in Terney and Vladivostok.

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(September 30, 2008)   -   Each fall marks the annual celebration of “Tiger Day” in cities and villages throughout tiger range in Russia, giving participants the opportunity to commemorate one of the Far East’s most vibrant living symbols, and to learn about tigers and threats to their conservation. In mid-September hundreds of children and adults attended the festivities in the small village of Terney, base for the Siberian Tiger Project and located in the heart of Amur tiger range. Tiger Day in Vladivostok attracted th...


Sikhote-Alin Research Center near full capacity.

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(July 15, 2008)   -   Just over a year after its opening, WCS’s Sikhote-AlinResearchCenter is already attracting young wildlife biologists from throughout Russia and from abroad. Currently 6 graduate students (5 Russian, 1 Canadian) are living at the Center, conducting research and participating in Siberian Tiger Project field activities.


Siberian Tiger Project staff complete successful spring capture season

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(June 25, 2008)   -   On June 17th  WCS staff wrapped up the Siberian Tiger Project’s 16th annual spring capture season, having radio-collared two young male Amur tigers, the cubs of seven-year-old radio-collared tigress Galya. Although the cubs “Ivan” and “Misha” were nearly two years old and larger than their mother, they had not yet begun dispersing from their natal home range when captured in May along the coast of the Sea of Japan


Far Eastern leopard camera-trapping results are in

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(May 25, 2008)   -   Late winter-early spring 2008 represented the sixth consecutive year in which WCS and the Institute of Biology and Soils, RussianAcademy of Sciences conducted camera trapping surveys to monitor Far Eastern leopards at the northern end of their range in Russia, in some of the best remaining leopard habitat. Eight different leopards, including 3 males, 2 females, one cub, and 2 unidentified individuals, were photographed using camera traps between late February and early May.


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