After years of active research, the Kamchatka bear program is winding down due to increased difficulties (both political and financial) associated with research there.  We currently support graduate work with brown bears in the region.


Conservation Approach

Our activities in Kamchatka are minimal these days.



Statistical Analysis in Program R: November 2017, Sikhote-Alin Research Center, Ternei, Russia
In contrast to several decades ago, biological studies today must be backed by rigorous statistical methods to be considered credible. The statistical program known simply as R is currently being used in an overwhelming majority of biological studies being published today. With huge analytical advantages over Statistica, the statistics program most-used in Russia, R is actually much easier to use (once an initial learning curve has been mastered). Our goal with this workshop is to help participants overcome their fear of statistics in general, and of R in particular. This workshop will target graduate students and early-career professionals.


WCS Russia-Sikhote-Alin Research Center
1a 50 Years of October Street, Ternei, Russia, 692150
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Ivan Seryodkin
Научный Руководитель
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